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Henry Ansley

Outer Continental Shelf Program Leader
Marine Fisheries Section, Coastal Resources Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Artificial (Manmade) Reefs, Offshore Fisheries

Issues of Interest:
Offshore fisheries, offshore reef habitats (natural & manmade), fisheries management, inshore (estuarine) reef development/oyster restoration.

Current Projects:

  • Offshore & inshore artificial reef development and management (coastwide).
  • Offshore artificial reef buoy maintenance (coastwide).
  • Inshore artificial reef marker maintenance (coastwide).
  • Offshore bottom surveys / monitoring (coastwide).
  • Evaluation of inshore artificial reef/oyster restoration efforts & policies.
  • Participation in regional fisheries management activities/programs (SAFMC, ASMFC, SEAMAP, Grays Reef SAC).
  • Georgia Saltwater Gamefish Records Program

Primarily the continental shelf offshore of Georgia's coast. Also some work in Georgia's estuaries (coastwide).

Information needs:

  • Assessment/monitoring of manmade and natural reefs and associated communities.
  • Monitoring techniques/methodologies for Georgia's offshore, coastal, and estuarine reefs.
  • Sociological and economic evaluations associated with offshore/inshore artificial reef development, user groups, and trends.
  • Improvements in artificial reef technology (eg., designed units, siting, material configurations, etc.) to maximize the development of reef communities.
  • Continued investigations into manmade and natural reef functions.
  • Delineation of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) and EFH requirements ashore and offshore.
  • Life history investigations.
  • Improved fishery assessments, with increased/coordinated fishery-dependent and fishery-independent monitoring/surveys regionwide.
  • GIS Training / Utilization

Coastal Resources Division of Georgia Department of Natural Resources

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