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Debbie Borden

Public Service Representative
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA

Ms. Borden has moved away from the area. This biography reflects her former affiliation and the research presented on this website.

Water resources and environmental engineering

Issues of Interest:
Stormwater management, non-point pollution, saltwater intrusion, constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment, contaminant transport, septic systems and alternatives.

Current Projects and Activities:

  • Developing a saltwater intrusion model applicable to coastal Georgia

  • Constructed wetlands for on-site wastewater treatment

  • Contaminant transport modeling for septic system management

  • Water quality monitoring for aquaculture

  • Stormwater best-management-practices training for local governments

  • Design of clam upwellers for enhancement of local fisheries - tech assistance

  • Environmental engineering best-management-practice - tech assistance

Coastal Georgia

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