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Christopher Craft

School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University Bloomington

Estuarine and freshwater wetlands ecology

Issues of Interest:
Climate change, sea level rise and coastal wetlands; nutrient enrichment and eutrophication; carbon and nutrient sequestration; wetland restoration

Current Projects:

  • Effects of climate change on ecosystem services provided by tidal marshes (US EPA).  Location:  Altamaha, Ogeechee and Satilla Rivers GA; coastal South Carolina
  • Effects of freshwater pulsing on soil properties and vertical accretion of tidal marshes (Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER).  Location:  Sapelo, Doboy, Altamaha Sounds
  • Effects of land management and climate change on non-game migratory and non-migratory birds (Sapelo Island NERRS).  Location:  Sapelo Island, Altamaha River
  • Re-introduction of tidal inundation to restore estuarine marshes of Woodbridge River, NJ  (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Natural Resources Restoration).  Location:  New York-New Jersey Harbor
  • Peat accretion and chronology in marshes of the Florida Everglades  (Everglades National Park).  Location:  South Florida
  • Reconstruction of medieval environmental conditions from lake and wetland sediment geo-chronologies  (ENKI OPS and Czech Botanical Institute).  Location:  South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Project Link:

Georgia Coastal Ecosystems - Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)
   Merryl Alber, Tim Hollibaugh, Steve Pennings, Wade Sheldon, Clark Alexander, Dale Bishop, Jack Blanton, Adrian Burd, Chris Craft, Daniela Di Iorio, Mandy Joye, Christof Meile, Billy Moore, Brian Silliman and John Wares (see project summary for affiliations).

Recent Publications:

Brittain, R., Meretsky, V.J. and Craft, C.B. 2010. Avian communities of the Altamaha River estuary in Georgia, USA. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology. 122(3):532–544. (DOI: 10.1676/09-186.1)

Loomis, M. and Craft, C.B. 2010. Carbon sequestration and nutrient (N, P) accumulation in river-dominated tidal marshes, Georgia, USA. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 74:1027-1038. (DOI: 10.2136/sssaj2009.0171)

Tackett, N. and Craft, C.B. 2010. Ecosystem development on a coastal barrier island dune chronosequence. Journal of Coastal Research. 26:726-732.

Wieski, K., Guo, H., Craft, C.B. and Pennings, S.C. 2010. Ecosystem functions of tidal fresh, brackish and salt marshes on the Georgia coast. Estuaries and Coasts. 33:161-169. (DOI: 10.1007/s12237-009-9230-4)

Craft, C.B., Clough, J., Ehman, J., Joye, S.B., Park, R., Pennings, S.C., Guo, H. and Machmuller, M. 2009. Forecasting the effects of accelerated sea level rise on tidal marsh ecosystem services. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 7(2):73-78. (DOI: 10.1890/070219)

Frost, J.W., Schleicher, T. and Craft, C.B. 2009. Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on primary production and invertebrate densities in a Georgia (USA) tidal freshwater marsh. Wetlands. 29(1):196-203. (DOI: 10.1672/07-79.1)

Krull, K. and Craft, C.B. 2009. Ecosystem development of a sandbar emergent tidal marsh, Altamaha River estuary, Georgia USA. Wetlands. 29(1):314-322. (DOI: 10.1672/06-178.1)



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