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Carla Curran

Associate Professor
Savannah State University

Fish biology and estuarine ecology

Issues of Interest:
Fish biology, marsh ecology, impact of human activities (construction and contaminants) on estuaries, parasitism, K-12 education.

Current Projects:

  • Use of estuaries by flatfishes
  • Early life history and larval transport of fishes
  • Effect of contaminants and contaminant load in fishes and crustaceans
  • Effect of isopod parasites on grass shrimp
  • Bringing science to K-12 teachers and students
  • Effect of ray feeding pits on meiofauna
  • Marsh health and dieback

Savannah River Estuary

Project Links:

Evaluation of Brown Marsh in Savannah, GA
     Mary Carla Curran, Savannah State University

Microbial Indexing of Saltmarsh Health and Recovery: Development of a Health/Productivity Scale
     Marc Frischer (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography), Jeffrey King (US Army Corps/Adjunct SkIO), Carla Curran (Savannah State Univ.), and Dionne Hoskins (Savannah State Univ.)


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