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Jason M. Evans

Public Service Assistant, Environmental Sustainability Analyst    
Environmental Policy Program, Carl Vinson Institute of Government

University of Georgia

Systems Ecology, Geo-spatial Modeling, Life Cycle Assessments, Energy and Water Policy, Stakeholder Engagement

Issues of Interest:
Nutrient status and trends in aquatic systems, socio-ecological effects of sea level rise, green-space planning, nutrient remediation, environmental impacts of bioenergy production

Current Projects:

  • Understanding Social Attitudes and Prioritizing Geo-spatial Risks for Climate Adaptation Outreach in Coastal Georgia
          Jason Evans (Carl Vinson Institute of Government, UGA), Matthew Hauer (Carl Vinson Institute of Government, UGA) and Margaret Myszewski (GCRC and University of Georgia)
  • Life Cycle Assessment of alternative bioenergy feedstocks for the SE US

  • Spatial models for bioenergy crop suitability and environmental impact analysis

  • Focus group study of sea level rise in coastal Georgia

  • Water conservation outreach through Georgia Water Banner program

  • Evaluation of state environmental legislation

  • Trainings for state and local government officials    

rural production landscapes; Georgia legislature; local governments

Information Needs:
Water quality data (particularly nutrients); GIS layers; contacts with coastal stakeholder groups

Link: http://www.cviog.uga.edu/about/fs/bio.php?id=evansj

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