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Sophie George

Biology Department, Georgia Southern University

Marine Ecologist

Issues of Interest:
Georgia salt marshes. Biology of the local sand dollar Mellita isometra and the East coast sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus. Environmental effects, such as effect of fluctuating salinity, algal diet on population structure and reproduction of sand dollars, sea urchins and sea stars. The use of artificial diets for edible sea urchins. Fatty acid composition of the diet and echinoderm larvae.

Current Projects and Activities:

  • The effect of salinity and algal diet on larval growth and development of Lytechinus variegatus (East coast species, Pisaster ochraceus, Dendraster excentricus, Dermasterias imbricata, Evasterias troschelii and other seastars (West coast species)
  • Population structure and distribution of the periwinkle Littoraria irrorata and the use of shells by juvenile fiddler crabs in Georgia’s salt marshes.
  • Refuges and juvenile fiddler crab size frequency distribution in Georgia’s salt marshes.
  • Collaborative activities (Brown University and Georgia Southern University)

Salt marsh at Tybee Island Georgia, and coastal intertidal areas in Georgia and the Puget Sound region)

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