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Mark Hay

Professor and Teasley Chair of Environmental Biology
Georgia Institute of Technology

Reef Ecology, Trophic Interactions, Community Ecology, Chemical Ecology

Issues of Interest:
1. Effects of overfishing and nutrient addition on the structure and function of temperate and tropical reefs
2. How organisms use chemistry to solve base life problems (predation, competition, pathogens)
3. Consumer-prey interactions

Current Projects:
1. See #1 above.
2. Chemical ecology of plant-herbivore interaction in lakes and rivers
3. Predator defense of marine worms [temperate vs. tropical, hard vs. soft-substrate, and shallow vs. deep sea]
4. Ecological impact of a non-native crab in coastal GA
5. Coral/ seaweed/ herbivore/ nutrient interactions
6. Biocomplexity consequences of phytoplankton chemical defenses
7. Seaweed chemical ecology

Coral reefs; Temperate reefs (Grays Reef); Temperate and Tropical soft substrate communities (mud flats, sand flats, seagrass beds); Rivers and Lakes.

Project Links:

Biocomplexity: Bio-feedback Basis of Self Organization in Planktonic Ecosystems Using Phaeocystis as a Model Complex Adaptive System
    Peter Verity, Marc Frischer (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography), Mark Hay (Georgia Inst. of Technology), and Bernard Patten (Univ. of Georgia)


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