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Dorset Hurley

Research Coordinator
Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve
Georgia DNR - Wildlife Resources Division

Bivalve aquaculture and ecology, Estuarine Biology and Ecology; Continuous, long-term monitoring of abiotic and biological components of saltmarshes.

Issues of Interest:
Marine aquaculture, Exotic species detection and management, Restoration of maritime forest communities, GIS database enhancement for coastal resource management, Saltmarsh response to anthropogenic impacts.

Current Projects:
Continuous water quality monitoring
Continuous atmospheric monitoring
Atmospheric Deposition monitoring
Nutrient monitoring in estuarine aquatic systems
Hematodinium in blue and benthic crabs
Upland maritime forest restoration
Decapod and exotic species monitoring in the Duplin River
GIS development for the SINERR
Chair of developing a national nekton monitoring program for the NERR

Estuarine systems (marsh, marsh fringe, upland) within the Duplin River basin/Sapelo Island.

Project Links:

   Water Quality Monitoring for Sapelo Island NERR
     Dorset Hurley (Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve)





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