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Jeffrey King

Project Manager, US Army Corps of Engineers
Adjunct Professor, Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography

(1) Section 404 of Clean Water Act/Section 10 Rivers and Harbors Navigation Act regulatory process;
(2) contaminated sediment geochemistry;
(3) Design/development of created/restored wetlands;
(4) dredging

Issues of Interest:
(1) Design of cumulative impact studies for environmental assessments (EA) and environmental impact statements (EIS) evaluation;
(2) Land planning-stormwater discharge;
(3) Sedimentation/shoaling in saltmarsh systems;
(4) Dead marsh issues;
(5) wetland restoration, and creation;
(6) modeling; and
(7) dredge material management.

Current Projects:
(1) Development of microbial indexing tool for determining health/integrity of saltmarsh systems;
(2) Development of Land Use Nutrient Input Canal Output Model (LUNICOM) to predict stormwater discharge/nutrient input to estuaries as a result of change in landuse;
(3) Cumulative impact assessment specific to wetland fill and resulting changes in land use; and
(4) Cumulative impact assessment specific to changes in land use and “build out” projections in coastal Georgia.


  • Freshwater Wetlands; Saltmarsh-Savannah River, Salt Creek, Little Ogeechee;
  • Canal-based systems-Brunswick/Altama Canal, Hardin Canal;
  • Dredge Disposal Facilities-Savannah Harbor/Brunswick Harbor

Information Needs:
(1) Quantifying cumulative impacts to estuaries with respect to changes in land use and stormwater runoff;
(2) Smart growth/land-planning initiatives;
(3) Quantifying impacts to water quality as a function of change in land use;
(4) Innovative technologies /methodologies for dredge material disposal;
(5) Innovative technologies utilized for bank stabilization; and
(6) Characterization/quantification of impacts to Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) and fisheries productivity   

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