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Ron Kneib

Senior Research Scientist
University of Georgia Marine Institute

Functional ecology of estuarine wetlands

Issues of Interest:
Landscape ecology (effects of structure at multiple scales on ecological functions), marsh restoration, estuarine fisheries, population and community dynamics of estuarine organisms.

Current Projects:
1. Functional genomics within a landscape context (genetic variation and gene expression across thermal and structural gradients) (with D. Crawford, D. Duvernell, B. Rees and R. Winn)
2. Intertidal production and trophic transfers across the tidal marsh landscape
3. Tidal movements and potential trophic interactions in juvenile red drum within the Sapelo Island Estuarine Research Reserve (with B. Dresser)
4. Comparison of responses to different scales of disturbance in U.S. and Australian tidal marshes (with S.Y. Joe Lee)
5. Relationships between landscape structure and upland residential development on abundance, growth and movements of juvenile penaeid shrimp in tidal marsh nurseries
6. Reproductive responses and population dynamics of common estuarine crustaceans in stressed and natural estuarine environments
7. Member, Advisory Committee (8 yrs) for Public Service Electric and Gas Estuary Enhancement Program - the largest salt marsh restoration attempted in the U.S. to date
8. International SCOPE (Scientific Committee On Problems of the Environment) workshops dealing with the functional role of biodiversity in Critical Transition Zones (e.g. shores, sediments and other physical interfaces) and the assessment of the most critical taxa, functions and habitats for sustainability, their vulnerability and management (organized by Diana Wall, with 32 participants)
9. Member, Scientific Advisory Committee for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
10. Member, Advisory Board, Center for a Sustainable Coast

Subtidal and intertidal estuaries of the Georgia coast; vegetated intertidal habitats in Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida and Australia.

Project Link:

Using Landscape Interfaces and Ecological Activity to Determine Zones of Influence on Tidal Marshes by Upland Development in Georgia
      Ron Kneib (UGA Marine Institute) and James Byers (Odum School of Ecology, Univ of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA)

Residence Times, Movements and Growth of White Shrimp within Tidal Marsh Drainages Supplying Georgia Sounds
     Ronald Kneib (University of Georgia Marine Institute, Sapelo Island)

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