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Richard Lee

Professor Emeritus
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Toxicology, Marine Diseases, Marine Pollution

Issues of Interest:
Blue Crab diseases, non-point pollution from road runoff, sediment toxicity in estuarine sediments adjacent to road and urban/suburban areas.

Current Projects:

Monitoring coastal Georgia waters for a parasitic dinoflagellate, Hematodinium, which is associated with the dramatic decrease in the blue crab population.

Using a grass shrimp bioassay, where reproduction and embryo development are the endpoints, to assess the toxicity of estuarine sediments receiving runoff from roads, golf courses, and urban/suburban areas.


Project Links:

Recent Publications:

Troedsson, Christofer, Richard F. Lee, Tina Walters, Vivica Stokes, Karrie Brinkley, Verena Naegele, and Marc E. Frischer. 2008. Detection and discovery of crustacean parasites in blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) by using 18S rRNA gene-targeted denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 74(14): 4346-4353.


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