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Keith Maruya

Associate Professor
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Presently: Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority

Fate and effects of toxic substances; environmental organic chemistry/mass spectrometry.

Issues of Interest:
1. Disposition of persistent organic pollutants in estuaries/coastal zone
2. Development of coastal/estuarine bioindicators of sediment and water quality
3. Naturally produced organohalogen compounds
4. Environmental quality as affected by development/changing land use

Current Projects:
1. Development of coastal Georgia bioindicators of contaminant exposure (GA DNR, CZM)
2. Analysis of Georgia coastal sediments for chlorinated and brominated contaminants of emerging concern (GA DNR, CZM)
3. Contaminant fate and effects in tidal creek ecosystems (NOAA LU-CES)
4. Levels, accumulation, transformation and trophic transfer of toxaphene in St. Simons Sound (EPA Region 4)
5. Mutagenicity of toxaphene residues extracted from edible fish tissue (EPA ORD/Cinncinnati)

All Georgia coastal estuaries, particularly
     St. Simons Sound
     Terry/Dupree Creek/Back River (Hercules)
     Turtle River/Purvis Creek (LCP)
N. Newport/Satilla River estuaries
Wassaw Sound

Project Links:

Biomonitoring for the Georgia Coast: Oysters as Sentinels of Coastal
Water Quality

     Marc Frischer (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography), Keith Maruya (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Authority)

Biomonitoring for the Georgia Coast
     Keith A. Maruya (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography)

Impact of Phenolic and Dioxin-like Contaminants on Coastal Georgia Water Quality
     Keith A. Maruya (Skidaway Institute of Oceanography)

Biomarker Response and Persistent Contamination Levels in Estuarine Fish
     Keith A. Maruya (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography)


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