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Jim Nelson

Associate Professor
Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Microalgal primary production, bio-optical oceanography

Issues of Interest:
Cross-shelf exchange of materials, phytoplankton and benthic microalgal primary production.

Development of a coastal ocean observing system for the southeastern US, use for both scientific and societal needs (coastal management, education, public outreach).

Current Projects:

Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observing System (SEA-COOS, ONR) and South Atlantic Bight Synoptic Offshore Observational Network (SABSOON, NOPP)
-- developing a real-time coastal ocean observing system on the Georgia continental shelf (SABSOON) as a component of a regional coastal ocean observing program (SEA-COOS)

South Atlantic Bight Limited Area Model (SABLAM, NOPP)
-- providing real-time observations for development of a data-assimilative nowcast/ forecast model for the SAB shelf

Primary production by benthic microalgae on the South Atlantic Bight continental shelf (NSF)

Primary production and lateral exchange processes on the SAB shelf (NASA Oceanography)
-- ship observations/experiments and application of SeaWiFS imagery

"Cast-Net" -- development of metadata and data exchange tools (NSF/SURA)

Alliance for Coastal Technologies (NOAA)
-- developing mechanisms for testing/verification of marine sensors and disseminating information to coastal managers and other users

Primarily on the South Atlantic Bight continental shelf

Project Links:

South Atlantic Bight Synoptic Offshore Observational Network
     James Nelson, Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography, Savannah, GA, USA


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