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John M. Pafford

Marine Fisheries Program Supervisor [retired]
GA DNR, Coastal Resources Division

Marine Recreational Fisheries research and management, Boating and non-boating public access development

Issues of Interest:
(see above)

Current Projects:

  • Marine Recreational Fisheries Survey (angler intercept to gather catch and effort data)
  • Sportfish Monitoring Study (collection of biological and environmental data primarily on red drum and spotted seatrout but includes other sportfish species)
  • Sheepshead Investigation (offshore study to gather data on abundance and reproduction)
  • Finfish Carcass Recovery Project (acquisition of sportfish carcasses to gather fish age data to help support stock assessment data needs)
  • Promote and develop public boasting access in Georgia's marine waters.
  • Promote and develop public fishing access (construction of fishing piers and docks).

Georgia's estuarine and ocean waters

Information Needs:
Environmental and biological data related to health and/or status of Georgia's river drainage systems. Specific needs relate to habitat needs during early life stages of marine organisms


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