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Alan Power

Research Scientist

Shellfish Research Laboratory

University of Georgia Marine Extension Service

Marine Zoology

Issues of Interest:
Aquaculture, bioindicators, environmental impact assessments, benthic ecology, essential fish habitat, invertebrate fisheries management, habitat restoration, marine ecology, non-indigenous species, shellfish diseases, taxonomy, water quality and wetland ecology.

Current Projects:

  • Bioremediation of bacterial pollution in Beach Creek, on Jekyll Island, through shellfish restoration.
  • Chairing science committee for the development of an “Aquatic Invaders” educational tool kit for American Zoo and Aquarium Association member institutions. 
  • Conducting biological port surveys to document native biodiversity and nonindigenous species.
  • Developing a long term oyster disease monitoring program for coastal Georgia’s recreational shellfish harvesting areas.
    Developing a southeastern regional oyster restoration partnership.
  • Diversification of the hard clam industry through investigation of the aquaculture potential of alternative species including blood arks and oysters.
  • Increasing public awareness and participation in wetland conservation issues through an Adopt-A-Wetland program.
  • Increasing public awareness of oyster reef ecological functions and importance and restoring lost acreage through Generating Enhanced Oyster Reefs in Georgia’s Inshore Areas (GEORGIA), a community-based oyster restoration program.
  • Investigating the role of intertidal oyster reefs as essential fish habitat.
  • Preventing the introduction & reducing the spread of invasive aquatic species in Coastal Georgia through a public awareness and monitoring campaign.
  • Researching biology and ecology of intertidal and offshore whelk populations to provide information for development of fisheries management plan.
  • Reproductive biology of non-indigenous species (Asian Clam, Charruana Mussel, Green Mussel, Megabalanus barnacle). 

Project Links:

Overcoming Constraints to the Development of a Sustainable Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica Aquaculture Industry in Georgia
Alan Power, University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Savannah; Randal Walker, University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Athens; Thomas Shierling, Tori Stivers, University of Georgia Marine Extension Service, Brunswick

Baseline Port Surveys for Introduced Marine Molluscan, Crustacen and Polychaete Species in the South Atlantic Bight      
     Alan Power, Randal Walker, Carolyn Belcher (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service) and Martin Posey, Troy Alphin (Dept of Biological Sciences, Univ of N. Carolina)

Preventing the Introduction and Reducing the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species in Coastal Georgia Through Research and a Public Awareness and Monitoring Campaign
     Alan Power (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service)

Bioremediation of Beach Creek, Jekyll Island, Through Shellfish Restoration
     Alan Power (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service), Randal Walker (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service), and Keith Gates (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service)

A Study on the Protozoan Pathogens Perkinsus marinus and Haplosporidium nelsoni in the Easter Oyster, Crassostrea virginica within Georgia’s Recreational Shellfish Harvest Areas
     Ellie Covington and Alan Power (Univ of Georgia Marine Extension Service)

Southeastern estuaries, tidal creeks, beaches, mudflats, saltmarsh wetlands, laboratory.



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