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Julie Vann

Coastal Nonpoint Source Coordinator
(A.K.A. 6217 Program Coordinator)
GA EPD and the Coastal Management Program

Nonpoint Source pollution (not including permitting) non regulatory programs and best management practices, plus related issues. I am not an expert, but a generalist in the following fields: Georgia agriculture, marinas and boatyards, septic systems, municipal wastewater, and urban runoff issues.

Issues of Interest:
Riparian buffers and the Greenspace program, on-site retention of stormwater, promoting Best Management Practices for stormwater runoff and erosion control, sewage and septic system issues (including new tracers), Erosion and Sedimentation control, TMDL strategies, ecologically sensitive or important areas that should be incorporated into management decisions.

Current Projects:

  • Coordinating and recruiting new nonpoint source pollution reduction projects, including the development of a "Green Developer" Program for the Coast and a literature review to determine locations of nutrient-limited waters in the coastal plain.
  • 17 Mile River TMDL outreach program, in collaboration with SE Georgia RDC
  • Delivering my program's nonpoint source "management measure" to local governments and industry

    Hopefully within the next year:

    • Homeowner outreach program focusing on septic systems and pesticide and fertilizer use
    • Urban Riparian-Area Workgroup
    • Developing a tracking program for BMP implementation

The 24 county coastal area (EPD's Coastal District, which is also the approximate area subject to the Saltwater Intrusion Management Strategy).

Information Needs:
Tracers for sewage pollution in receiving waterways, specific areas in the coastal plain such as Important Bird Areas, Essential Fish Habitat, etc. that would warrant protection from land development, studies on septic system leachate in coastal waters, studies showing nutrient loadings/nutrient uptake in both estuarine and inland waters, information on incentives for citizen participation in environmental programs (such as local tax break, reduction of permit fees, coast-share ideas for cultntary BMP implementation, etc.)


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