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the late Peter G. Verity

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Plankton, Nutrients, Pelagic Food Webs, Trophic Interactions

Issues of Interest:

  • Eutrophication
  • Dissolved oxygen

Current Projects and Activities:
Within coastal Georgia: long term studies of nutrient increases in estuarine waters and associated changes in pelagic food webs.

Primarily the Skidaway River Estuary and contiguous Wilmington River and Wassaw Sound.

Project Links:

Long-Term Water Quality Sampling of the Skidaway River Estuary
Peter Verity (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography, Savannah, Georgia, USA)

Biocomplexity: Bio-feedback Basis of Self Organization in Planktonic Ecosystems Using Phaeocystis as a Model Complex Adaptive System
Peter Verity, Marc Frischer (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography), Mark Hay (Georgia Inst. of Technology), and Bernard Patten (Univ. of Georgia)

Molecular Approaches for In Situ Studies of Nitrate Utilization by Marine Bacteria
Marc Frischer, Peter Verity, (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography), Debbie Bronk (Virginia Institute of Marine Science), and Matt Gilligan (Savannah State Univ.)

Sources and Transport Mechanisms of White Shrimp in Southeastern Coastal Waters
Jackson O. Blanton, Peter G. Verity (Skidaway Inst. of Oceanography), Charles A. Barans and Elizabeth L. Wenner, (Marine Resources Research Institute, South Carolina DNR)


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