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Don White

Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA
(assisting Coastal Georgia RC&D Council and
Coastal Soil & Water Conservation District)

Soils, erosion & sediment control, water quality, grantwriting & administration, nonprofit management

Issues of Interest:
Nonpoint source pollution, greenspace, wildlife habitat preservation/restoration, forestry, agriculture, sustainable development

Current Projects:

  • 2 319 Projects: Ebenezer Creek and Altamaha River
  • Hiring Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector
  • Park and landing improvements in 10 coastal counties
  • Developing FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plans in 4 counties
  • Fire insurance reduction projects in 4 counties
  • Stackhouses and litter spreader programs to improve poultry waste nutrient management and improve water quality

10 coastal counties

Information Needs:
Sustainable yield of Floridan Aquifer
Measurement of pollutants in runoff from all activities and impacts on local streams
How much water does agriculture use in Georgia?
Water quality impacts of poultry waste in SE Georgia
Impacts of septic systems in coastal Georgia on water quality/wildlife habitat
Cause of low dissolved oxygen levels in regional streams
Urban runoff water quality and impact on stream water quality
Urban/suburban lawn and garden chemical use. Is it a problem? What is its scale and impacts?
Agricultural runoff - actual measurement of pollutants


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This page was updated February 4, 2016