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A. G. "Spud" Woodward

Director, Coastal Resources Division

Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources

Biology and population dynamics of estuarine and marine fishes, particularly sciaenids such as red drum and spotted seatrout. Human dimensions of marine recreational angling. State, interstate, and federal marine fisheries policy.

Issues of Interest:

  • Effects of fishing on populations of exploited estuarine and marine fishes and invertebrates and development of policy to eliminate or reduce overfishing
  • Marine protected areas and their role in the conservation of marine and estuarine fishes and invertebrates
  • Characterization of essential fish habitats for exploited estuarine and marine fishes and invertebrates
  • Freshwater inflow (surface, subsurface, and atmospheric) to estuaries and its role in estuarine ecosystem function
  • Economic impact of commercial and recreational fisheries in coastal Georgia

Current Projects:

  • Oversee the operations and administration of the Marine Fisheries Section of the Coastal Resources Division
  • Atlantic Coast Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP): Development of standards for determining the age of selected marine and estuarine fishes.
  • Development of a strategic plan for the acquisition of data needed to determine the economic impact of marine recreational fishing in coastal Georgia.
  • Acquisition of samples of adult red drum for age determination, tissue contaminant analysis, and evaluation of reproductive status

Marine Fisheries Section activities are conducted in all of Georgia's estuaries, the territorial sea, and the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone offshore of Georgia.

Information Needs:

  • More complete knowledge of the early life history of exploited estuarine and marine fishes indigenous to coastal Georgia.

  • Definitive information on the habitat preferences of all life stages of exploited estuarine and marine fishes and invertebrates indigenous to coastal Georgia

  • Effects of drought and reduced freshwater inflow on estuarine productivity, particularly for fishes and invertebrates

  • Characterization of shrimp trawl bycatch

  • Estimates of fishing and natural mortality for southern kingfish

  • Acute and chronic mortality of adult red drum following catch-and-release in the recreational fishery

  • Causes of black gill disease in penaeid shrimp and implications for management

  • Economic impacts of saltwater fishing tournaments, artificial reefs, and the for-hire businesses

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