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Paul Work

Program Chief, Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport

California Water Science Center, US Geological Survey

California State University-Sacramento & University of Florida

Sacramento, California

Coastal engineering; Fluid mechanics, Sediment transport; Water waves; Field measurements of waves, currents, and sediments; Contaminated sediments; Hydrographic surveying; Scientific diving; Environmental engineering; Bathymetric surveying

Issues of Interest:
Beach erosion, beach nourishment, coastal water quality, coastal and ocean observing systems, contaminated sediments and estuarine transport mechanisms

Current Projects:
Leads a team of close to 30 people focused on surface water issues in the San Francisco Estuary, which includes San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. This system has seen significant anthropogenic impacts since the Gold Rush days and is also a critical part of California's water supply system. Our team focuses on physical processes and water quality and is heavily involved in high-density (in space and time) field measurements to support investigations - more than 40 stations, most reporting measurements every 15 minutes.

Past Projects:

  • Sediments and water quality assessment at US Marine Corps firing/bombing ranges

  • Loggerhead sea turtle mortality

  • Georgia Tech/Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Joint Program in Coastal Science and Engineering

  • Coastal water quality and influence of septic systems

Project Link: Continuous Monitoring of Water Quality and Suspended-Sediment Transport in the San Francisco Bay and Delta

Location: Coastal, ocean, beaches, estuaries, rivers, reservoirs, lakes

Link: http://ca.water.usgs.gov/projects/baydelta/personnel.html

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