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December 2002

We are writing to update you on the activities of the Georgia Coastal Research Council.

>>Dead Marsh Meeting<<  28 scientists and managers attended our meeting on 11/7/02 in Brunswick to discuss the marsh dieback that is occurring along the Georgia coast. One of the outcomes of the meeting was the formation of a working group to come up with a standardized protocol for marsh monitoring. Their draft protocol is now available on our web page; feedback on the protocol can be sent back to this list serve or directly to Joe Richardson at Savannah State Univ.

>>Web Site<<  The GCRC web site is now viewable under a protected address (it is not indexed by search engines). The unofficial site address is: http://www.marsci.uga.edu:8000/coastalcouncil/     {The site became publically available at www.marsci.uga.edu/coastalcouncil in January 2003}

PLEASE take the time to visit the web page to make sure things are accurate before the web site goes "public." In particular,

>>Affiliated Scientists and Managers<<  We have used the information gathered from the participant profiles submitted for the Colloquium to develop these pages as a resource for people interested in locating experts on coastal Georgia. If you do not wish to be included on this list or have any corrections for your page, please let us know. If you are listed without a link it means we did not receive a profile. You may either choose to keep it that way, submit a profile, or request that your name be removed from the list.

>>Coastal Georgia Research<< We have worked closely with both Georgia Sea Grant and the Coastal Resources Division of DNR to get reports from _research_ projects that they have funded over the past few years. Please look over the material we've included and check it for accuracy and timeliness. Specifically:
        a. Some of the research project summaries we received only listed one investigator, and we know that many more PIs were involved in the research. Please help us give proper credit to all investigators.
        b. We know that there are other Georgia coastal research projects that were not funded by Sea Grant or CZM. We are striving for complete coverage, so send us your project summaries, citations, etc. and we will add the information.

Please submit any web-site corrections, additions, or comments to Janice Flory (jeflory@uga.edu or gcrc@uga.edu). Note that when the site is fully 'on-line' - we will try to include a site search engine.  {We now have the Google academic search engine on our index page}

It has been a busy year for the GCRC and we thank you for your contributions to coastal science and management in Georgia.

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