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January 2005

The Savannah Estuary & Wetlands Study Report and Project Management Plan is now available on our website: http://www.marsci.uga.edu/coastalcouncil/PDFs/USACEsav_plan.pdf

For those of you not familiar with this work, the U.S. Army Corps and Engineers has been working on a “reconnaissance- level study of potential restoration of the Savannah River estuary, including its freshwater wetlands” under authority of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996. Ms. Monica Simon-Dodd, the Planning Technical Leader at the USACE for this project writes, “Our next step is to secure a sponsor and start negotiations. Please let us know if you or anyone else that you know of is interested in sponsoring this study. And feel free to forward this to anyone else who might be interested in this study. If you have any questions, e-mail me or call me at (912) 652-5375.” Her email address is: Monica.S.Dodd@sas02.usace.army.mil

September 2005

We have a couple of items that might be of interest:

1. Coastal and Estuarine Science News (CESN) - This is an electronic newsletter that serves as a companion to the journal Estuaries. CESN provides a brief summary of 4-5 articles chosen specifically for their strong implication for management of coastal areas. For example, the current issue features articles about the population biology of shortnose sturgeon and the utility of golf course swales to reduce nitrogen loading to tidal creeks. CESN is posted at http://www.erf.org/cesn/Welcome.html (where you can also sign up to receive each issue via e-mail).

2. Peer review of CIG grants – We are currently working with the Coastal Resources Division of DNR to develop an improved peer-review process for evaluation of research-related Coastal Incentive Grant applications. As part of this effort, we will be requesting names of qualified reviewers that can be passed on to CRD. We will update you on this effort once the RFP for the next round of proposals becomes available.

3. Job opening – We at the GCRC are seeking a part-time Program Coordinator to work with us at the University of Georgia.      This position has been filled.

September 2005 (#2)

We thought some of you might be interested in hearing the recommendations of the Georgia Shrimp Fishery Stakeholder Panel. Public meetings are scheduled for:

Monday September 26, 6:30 pm in Pooler (Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, I-95, exit 102)
Tuesday September 27, 6:30 pm in Brunswick (Stellar Conference Center-Quality Inn, I-95, exit 38)

For more information, see the announcement on the website of the Georgia DNR, Coastal Resources Division:

-or- contact Doug Haymans, (912) 264-7218, doug_haymans@dnr.state.ga.us.

November 2005

We have three announcements for you:
1. Job opening - Research Specialist II at SCDJanuary 13, 2008itute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology (preproposal)
3. Funding opportunity - Coastal Incentive Grants through Georgia DNR

1. Job opening - Research Specialist II at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (SCDHEC- OCRM). The application process will be open from October 31, 2005 to November 9, 2005. The start date will be ASAP once the position is off notice. The employee will conduct and serve as coordinator for two studies evaluating stormwater ponds in coastal SC. This will be a temporary grant position (one year) which includes benefits and paid leave. If you are interested please visit http://www.state.sc.us/jobs/J04/ and look for Position Number G000003747. If you have any questions please contact Denise Sanger at sangerdm@dhec.sc.gov or 843-747-4323 x 114.

2. The Cooperative Institute for Coastal and Estuarine Environmental Technology Invites Preproposals Submission deadline Monday, November 21 http://ciceet.unh.edu
"Through the Environmental Technology Department, CICEET makes strategic investments in the development and application of technology to monitor, manage, and prevent contamination and degradation of U.S. coastal and estuarine waters and habitats. This RFP is open to U.S. scientists and innovators from academia, private industry, and the public sector who seek to develop tools that meet the priority needs of coastal management. (Federal agency personnel-including those from NOAA-are eligible, if they can document statutory authority to supplement their appropriations with funds from other federal programs and entities.)"

3. Coastal Incentive Grant Request for Proposals, 2006-2007 (Cycle IX).
Proposals due January 9, 2006.
http://coastalgadnr.org/content/displaycontent.asp? txtDocument=892
"The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Coastal Resources Division (CRD), is soliciting proposals for Coastal Incentive Grants (CIG) awarded under the Georgia Coastal Management Program (GCMP).
Using a tiered approach, this Request for Proposals solicits projects that 1) are related to one or more of the two main themes identified by the Coastal Advisory Council (CAC) for the Cycle IX awards; or 2) are deemed by a local government to be a project of Critical Local Need. Greatest consideration will be given to proposals that are related to the two theme areas. Critical Local Need project proposals that are unrelated to any of the themes established by the Coastal Advisory Council will also be ranked and awarded according to the availability of funds.Theme 1. Characterize, measure, and/or reduce primary, secondary and cumulative impacts to coastal natural systems and cultural resources from development.Theme 2. Preserve, identify, or promote the interpretation of, access to and responsible management of coastal natural and historical, archaeological, and cultural resources in all CZM counties."

November 2005 (#2)

We have several MORE announcements for you:
1. Funding opportunity - Georgia Water Resources Institute Announces State and National Competitive Grants
2. Request for information – State Water Council
3. Public meeting – to review the Georgia Coastal Management

1. Funding opportunity
Aris Georgakakos (Director, Georgia Water Resources Institute) submitted the following information to the UGA Research Newsletter.“Dear Colleagues:
I would like to bring to your attention the attached request for proposals under the State and National Competitive Grants Research Programs administered by USGS in collaboration with the Georgia Water Resources Institute (GWRI). The deadline for the State Program is November 22, 2005, and for the National Program is February 10, 2006. Additional information supplied by Dr. Georgakakos concerning the state program is available at:

Information on the **national** competitive grants program is available at: http://water.usgs.gov/wrri/news.html,   https://niwr.org/

2. Request for Information
The Georgia Dept of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division is seeking information for the state Water Council.
[Text below is abridged from the Water Council website,
http://www.georgiawatercouncil.org/documents/req_info.html ]As EPD prepares the policy options and management tools to be considered for the first iteration of the comprehensive state- wide water management plan, we request research and technical resources to build our base of information. The comprehensive water management plan will be drafted to meet two overarching goals: 1. protect public health and environmental quality, and 2. meet future needs while protecting aquifers, instream uses and downstream users. If you, your organization, or agency has papers or other material that you would like to submit as reference or resource material, please submit them to EPD within the following timeframe:

  • Information regarding maximizing returns to the basin of origin through policies that address interbasin transfers, on-site sewage disposal systems, and land application of treated wastewater where water quantity is limited
    October 31 – November 30
  • Information regarding instream and off stream demands for water through efficient surface storage, aquifer management and reducing water demands
    January 30 – February 24
  • Information regarding water quality protection by reducing pollutant loadings from discharges and runoff from the land to ensure the assimilative capacity of the streams is not exceeded and aquatic life is not impaired
    April 3 – April 28

3. Public meeting
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is conducting a standard program review of the State's operation and management of the Georgia Coastal Management Program for the period from May 2001 through November 2005. NOAA will provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the Georgia Coastal Management Program at a Public Meeting to be held Tuesday, December 13, 2005, from 1:00 pm 4:00 pm at the Coastal EMC in Midway, Georgia.
For more information please contact Jill Huntington of DNR Coastal Resources Division at (912) 264-7218.


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