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To: GCRC listserv subscribers
Subject line: coastal groundwater and climate change?
Date: April 10, 2008

Aloha, y'all -- The Georgia Coastal Research Council has received an inquiry about the effects of climate change on groundwater inundation* (see below). The Chatham / Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission is eager to learn more about this!
-- Janice, on behalf of GCRC

If you can help, please contact:
Bethany Jewell, LEED AP Water Resources Planner
email bjewell@thempc.org
Phone 912-651-1456

* What information can you share about the nature of research in this area? Or, do you know of any sea level rise initiatives, policies (etc.) specific to climate change? Or, do you know of any sea level rise initiatives / policies related to coastal hazards?

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