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Subject line: Meetings and Workshops

There are a number of upcoming meetings and workshops which may be of interest to some of you.  

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1. Ocean Research Priorities (public briefing)
2. Community Docks and Marinas Planning (stakeholder group)
3. SECOORA Workshop
4. Green Infrastructure Workshop  
5. Watershed Institute Program
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1.  Ocean Research Priorities (public briefing).
The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Joint Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (JSOST) is tasked with developing an interagency planning document and implementation strategy on priorities for ocean science and technology for the next 5 to10 years. As part of this process, JSOST will hold a number of public briefings and town hall meetings.  These presentations will describe a vision for U.S. ocean science and technology, highlight key areas of interaction of our society and the ocean, and identify critical ocean research priorities for these areas.  Although the southeastern regional briefing is to take place this week (Aug 24, Miami FL), the general presentation is also available for viewing online:   http://ocean.ceq.gov/about/docs/JSOST_briefing_080706.pdf
For more information, see:   http://ocean.ceq.gov/about/sup_jsost_orpp_outreach.html

2. Community Docks and Marinas (stakeholder group meeting) – Sept 7, Midway GA.
Interested parties are welcome to attend a meeting of stakeholders working with Coastal Resources Division of DNR to improve the process for permitting community docks and marinas.  Documents are available for review on the CRD website (see below).  The final meeting is expected to be on September 7, in Midway GA.  http://coastalgadnr.org/content/displaynavigation.asp?TopCategory=230

3. The Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association (SECOORA) will hold its fall workshop Sept 12-13, in Jacksonville FL.  The first day is a general meeting and the second day serves as the association’s business meeting (including appointments to working groups).  For more information, please consult the SECOORA website

4. Green Infrastructure Workshop – Sept 13, Savannah GA -OR- Sept 14, Brunswick GA.
Georgia DNR, UGA Marine Extension Service and Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve are sponsoring a workshop for Georgians on Green Infrastructure. As part of this program, Dr. Mark Benedict, co-author of the book, Green Infrastructure, will speak on Linking Landscapes and Communities. Workshop participants will have a choice of two times/locations; Savannah on Wed, Sept 13 at the Coastal Georgia Center or Thurs, Sept 14th in Brunswick at the Community College. Continuing education credits are available. There is a registration fee of $25. Snacks, lunch, and workshop materials will be provided. You may also register online at:
For more information about the workshop, please contact: Jeannie Lewis Butler, Georgia Coastal Management NPS Coordinator, (912) 554-3494.

5. Watershed Institute Program – Oct 23-26, Columbus OH area.
The Center for Watershed Protection is holding a Watershed Institute to equip watershed professionals with the tools needed to develop comprehensive watershed plans.  It is an intensive, interactive four-day program focused on the use of field and desktop methods needed to complete a watershed plan.  The program includes opportunities to interpret real data and how to integrate findings into a watershed plan, specific project investigations such as illicit discharge detection and elimination, and discussions on how to prioritize funding and staff time.  Continuing education credits are available.  The registration deadline is September 8th.  For more information about the Watershed Institute, please consult:   http://www.cwp.org/WI06/wi06info.html


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