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The goal of the marsh monitoring program is to monitor the health of Georgia's marshes. A committee was established in 2002 to develop standardized protocols for this program. The committee was headed by Joe Richardson (Savannah State Univ.), and included Dorset Hurley (Sapelo Island NERR), Chandra Franklin (Savannah State Univ.) and Matt Ogburn (Univ. of Georgia). In June 2003, a monitoring workshop was held to familiarize users with the protocol, and data collection began at several sites.

The Protocol


Monitoring Site Information



Sampling protocol datasheet (PDF)
Spreadsheets for data submission (Excel) -- Note that there is a sheet for each quadrat

The Data

Please contact us to obtain the most recent data files.

Support for the monitoring program has come from GA DNR (Coastal Resources Division), Ga Sea Grant, and the M.K. Pentecost Ecology Fund.

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank the many people who volunteer their time (and devote some muddy shoes) to this program. This group has included: Carla Curran, Morianna Daniel, Jenny Fenton, Phil Flournoy, Aimee Gaddis, Brooks Good, Patrick Hagan, Fred Hay, Jill Huntington, Dorset Hurley, Helen Loizi, Jan MacKinnon, Ben Maher, Caroline McFarlin, Steven O’Connell, Matt Ogburn, Michelle Pugliese, Joe Richardson, Sylvia Schaefer, Suzanne Van Parreren, Monica Watson, and Susan White.

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