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  • Cause Sought as Marshes Turn into Barren Flats
    Boston Globe.   July 17, 2006
  • Georgia DNR Studies Marsh Grass Die-back
    Charleston Post and Courier.  May, 2003
  • As Marsh Dies, Theories Sprout
    Charleston Post and Courier.  March, 2003
  • Salt Marsh Plants Die along South Carolina Coast
    The Sun News (Myrtle Beach).  March, 2003
  • Marsh Reality: Researchers Look for Cause of Plague Spreading in Coastal Area
    Columns (UGA news service).  March, 2003
  • Salt Marsh Dead Zones Causing Concern on Georgia's Coast
    Athens Banner Herald.  February, 2003
  • Marsh Die-off
    Savannah Morning News (also in Florida Times Union), Mary Landers.    January, 2003

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