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Coastal Georgia Colloquium 2013


October 29-30

Savannah, Georgia

The Coastal Georgia Colloquium 2013 was held October 29-30 in Savannah, Georgia. The GCRC convenes the Coastal Georgia Colloquium as a way to provide face-to-face opportunities for information exchange between coastal researchers and managers. We welcomed a number of new affiliated members and continued our traditional mini-talks: three-minute sessions where participants have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group and give an overview of their work.  We also featured presentations on coastal management-related themes (e.g., development, hazards, and water quality) by Georgia researchers and invited guests from elsewhere in the region. This year our guest speakers included Denise Sanger (SCDNR – Marine Resources Research Institute), Dan Hitchcock (Clemson - Belle Baruch Institute), and Galen Kaufman (US EPA - Office of Water), who spoke about coastal development, engineering and nutrient criteria respectively. There were also 76 coastal resource managers and scientists, representing 16 academic institutions and government agencies in attendance, and seven Georgia research projects were featured on the schedule.

Here is the meeting's agenda.


Here is the list of participants.


Here are presentations from selected speakers.

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Coastal Resources

George Sedberry, Grays Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Research Update for Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Coastal Engineering

Kevin Haas, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tidal Energy Assessment for Rose Dhu Island, GA

Introductions (3-minute talks)

Kelly Vance, Geology & Geography Department, Georgia Southern University

St. Catherines Island Sea Turtle Conservation Program




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