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Coastal Georgia Colloquium 2009


August 10th and 11th

Savannah, Georgia

The GCRC held its third Coastal Colloquium on August 10-11, 2009. The meeting was attended by 60 scientists representing academic institutions from across the state, managers from state (Georgia DNR Coastal Resources; Environmental Protection; Wildlife Management), and federal (Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary; US Army Corps of Engineers; US Geological Survey; Sea Grant College Program) agencies, as well as DNR project partners working within The Nature Conservancy. After Merryl Alber welcomed the group, overviews of the Coastal Management Program (GA-DNR Coastal Resources Division) and Georgia Sea Grant were given. Thiry-five participants gave brief presentations introducing themselves and their coastal Georgia work. Fourteen project summaries were also presented. 

Here is the meeting's agenda.


Here are presentations from selected speakers.

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Development Projects

Warren Kriesel, Agricultural and Applied Economics, UGA

Alternative Housing Development Strategies in Georgia's Coastal Marshlands

Restoration and Remediation Projects

Fred Hay, Georgia DNR - Wildlife Resources Division,

Sapelo NERR Research Program Highlights

Dorset Hurley, Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve

Sapelo NERR Research Program Highlights

Liz Kramer, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, UGA

A Statewide Approach for Identifying Potential Areas for Wetland Mitigation Banking in Georgia: An Ecosystem Functional Approach

Climate Change Projects

Clark Alexander, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise along the Georgia Coast

Chuck Hopkinson, Georgia Sea Grant, UGA

Climate Change at the Land-Sea Interface

Introductions (3-minute talks)

Dale Bishop, Consultant

Jeb Byers, University of Georgia

Daniela Di Iorio, University of Georgia

Sophie George, Georgia Southern University

Dan Gleason, Georgia Southern University

Jeff King, U.S. Army Corps of Engineering

Liz Mann, Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Bill Miller, University of Georgia

Bryan Nuse, University of Georgia

Carol Pride, Savannah State University

Cathy Sakas, Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary

Joan Sheldon, Georgia Coastal Research Council, University of Georgia

Randy Walker, Marine Extension, UGA

Amanda Wrona Meadows, The Nature Conservancy




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