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Special Issue of ESTUARIES
Freshwater Inflow: Science, Policy, Management

(Drawn from a dedicated session of the Estuarine Research Federation meeting)

Volume 25 December 2002 Number 6B [November 2001]


Paul A. Montagna, Merryl Alber, Peter Doering, and Michael S. Connor.
Freshwater Inflow: Science, Policy, Management

Merryl Alber.
A Conceptual Model of Estuarine Freshwater Inflow Management

Gary L. Powell, Junji Matsumoto, and David A. Brock.
Methods for Determining Minimum Freshwater Inflow Needs of Texas Bays and Estuaries

W. J. Kimmerer.
Physical, Biological, and Management Responses to Variable Freshwater Flow into the San Francisco Estuary

Ernest D. Estevez.
Review and Assessment of Biotic Variables and Analytical Methods Used in Estuarine Inflow Studies

Joan E. Sheldon and Merryl Alber.
A Comparison of Residence Time Calculations Using Simple Compartment Models of the Altamaha River Estuary, Georgia

Michael S. Flannery, Ernst B. Peebles, and Ralph T. Montgomery.
A Percent-of-flow Approach for Managing Reductions of Freshwater Inflows from Unimpounded Rivers to Southwest Florida Estuaries

Robert A. Mattson.
A Resource-based Framework for Establishing Freshwater Inflow Requirements for the Suwannee River Estuary

P. H. Doering, R. H. Chamberlain, and D. E. Haunert.
Using Submerged Aquatic Vegetation to Establish Minimum and Maximum Freshwater Inflows to the Caloosahatchee Estuary, Florida

Joan A. Browder, Zoula Zein-Eldin, Maria M. Criales, Michael B. Robblee, Steven Wong, Thomas L. Jackson, and Darlene Johnson.
Dynamics of Pink Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus duorarum) Recruitment Potential in Relation to Salinity and Temperature in Florida Bay

Tien-Shui Tsou and Richard E. Matheson, Jr.
Seasonal Changes in the Nekton Community of the Suwannee River Estuary and the Potential Impacts of Freshwater Withdrawal

J. B. Adams, G. C. Bate, T. D. Harrison, P. Huizinga, S. Taljaard, L. van Niekerk, E. E. Plumstead, A. K. Whitfield, and T. H. Wooldridge.
A Method to Assess the Freshwater Inflow Requirements of Estuaries and Application to the Mtata Estuary, South Africa

T. G. Bornman, J. B. Adams, and G. C. Bate.
Freshwater Requirements of a Semi-arid Supratidal and Floodplain Salt Marsh

Terence U. Chan, David P. Hamilton, Barbara J. Robson, Ben R. Hodges, and Chris Dallimore.
Impacts of Hydrological Changes on Phytoplankton Succession in the Swan River, Western Australia

George H. Ward, Michael J. Irlbeck, and Paul A. Montagna.
Experimental River Diversion for Marsh Enhancement

Heather D. Alexander and Kenneth H. Dunton.
Freshwater Inundation Effects on Emergent Vegetation of a Hypersaline Salt Marsh

Paul A. Montagna, Richard D. Kalke, and Christine Ritter.
Effect of Restored Freshwater Inflow on Macrofauna and Meiofauna in Upper Rincon Bayou, Texas, USA

Terry A. Palmer, Paul A. Montagna, and Richard D. Kalke.
Downstream Effects of Restored Freshwater Inflow to Rincon Bayou, Nueces Delta, Texas, USA

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