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September 2008 Announcements

Scroll down for all the announcements (roughly listed in order by deadline), or click directly on items of interest.

Action Item!

Research Needs Survey (SARRP)


Marine Fisheries Initiative (NOAA)
  Nat'l Coastal & Estuarine Research and Technology Program (NOAA)
  Cooperative Research Program (NOAA)
  Opportunities for Promoting Understanding through Synthesis (NSF)


2008 National Conference on the Advancement of Research
  2009 Georgia Water Resources Conference

Position Vacancies

Field Technician (Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER)
  Microbial Ecologist (Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina)


Marine Wildlife Legacy Biologist (FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Postdoctoral Program in Environmental Chemistry (Dreyfus Foundation)

Project of Interest

South Atlantic Regional Research Planning

Other Items of Note

New Data Archive: USGS Georgia Water Science Center
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September 2, 2008